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5 ideas on how to present your gifts this Valentine’s Day

Reading time – 3 minutes and 30 seconds Stuck on how to give your Valentine’s gifts? Here are 5 ideas on how to present your gifts this Valentine’s Day. But before you buy a service or a solution, lay all of your gifts out. Think about how many you have, are any heavy? Are any…

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Here’s why you should join The Wrap it Studio

7 months on from launching, and 22 courses later, here’s why you should join The Wrap it Studio. Whenever we go to buy something, we always ask “what’s in it for me?” If there isn’t a need or want, you may not buy it, be it food, clothes, or memberships. You might also ask yourself…

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be buying your gifts a few days before Valentine’s Day or even on the morning of it! Big oops on my part but if you find yourself in the same boat, here are some last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas from some small businesses you can support. You can…

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5 Top Tips for stress-free gift wrapping this Christmas

Gift wrapping isn’t for everyone, and a lot of people only do it because they have to. Over the years in this industry, I have learnt one thing, done is the best outcome. These 5 top tips for stress-free gift wrapping this Christmas will show you there is no need to put pressure on yourself,…

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See me at the Ideal Home Show Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better than to get in the festive spirit and see me at the Ideal Home Show Christmas? After relaunching in 2018, I made sure I would continue to push my own boundaries and work hard. From vision board to reality 3 years on, I can…

Tools and material for wrapping Christmas gifts
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6 easy ways to wrap gifts

6 easy ways to wrap gifts this Christmas There are many easy ways to wrap gifts and I want to show you how! How do you wrap a teddy bear? What’s the easiest way to gift wrap a round item? How can I wrap a hoodie? These are just three of hundreds of questions that…

gift wrapping studio and material
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Creative Perfectionism shouldn’t exist

Creative Perfectionism shouldn’t exist I reckon this may hit a nerve or two but read it until the end. Creative perfectionism is damaging, and you will soon understand why I titled this blog ‘Creative Perfectionism shouldn’t exit’. When I started this business, everything had to be PERFECT. It’s in capitals because that is how important…

a poem about baby loss
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What does this baby loss remembrance event signify?

Baby Loss Awareness Week is now in its 19th year. With each year that passes, the more the silence is broken around this taboo topic. What does this event signify? So what has a random tree got to do with Baby Loss Awareness? Decorating a tree outside of Christmas is unusual, but it’s gets attention…

Shelves full of different types of ribbons organised in rainbow colours
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Types of ribbons most commonly used in gift wrapping

If you have seen pictures of my studio, you will have seen that I have a wall with many shelves full of ribbon. Whilst it looks pretty organised in rainbow colours, each ribbon serves a different purpose, and this blog explains how. Below you will find the types of ribbons most commonly used in gift…

Tina posing with gift wrapping material with a title that reads The Wrap it Studio
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What really goes on in The Wrap it Studio?

“Doors are closing to new members for The Wrap it Studio soon!” You’ll hear me saying this a lot in September and that’s because the virtual doors to new members will be closing on the 1st of October. But why would that matter to you? What really goes on in The Wrap it Studio and…

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