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What really goes on in The Wrap it Studio?

“Doors are closing to new members for The Wrap it Studio soon!” You’ll hear me saying this a lot in September and that’s because the virtual doors to new members will be closing on the 1st of October. But why would that matter to you? What really goes on in The Wrap it Studio and what is it about? Well, grab a cuppa and get ready to immerse yourself into a comprehensive read about our creative space.

Firstly, thank you to my founding members who have helped me shape this community of creators with their honest and frequent feedback. This has allowed me to plan a creative calendar that will deliver tutorials from a whole range of experts, including myself. I am so excited about everything I have planned. Putting the tutorials to the side for a moment, you can connect with likeminded people and meet new friends from the creative community. Some are learning to improve their businesses, some for personal gift ideas and some for creative therapy. No matter what your reason is for joining, the one thing I can guarantee is that you will find your passion when you immerse yourself into the tutorials that excite you. You can find a breakdown of what’s on offer on the membership sign up page.

How often are the tutorials? 

My monthly gift-wrapping live demonstration takes place on the first week of the month, and so far, I have taught the Kimono Style Gift Wrap and the Movable Bow Gift Wrap. We go through each step, and they are kept to 20 to 25 minutes long to avoid anyone getting overwhelmed. It’s great to see the creators’ remakes as it gives me so much joy to see others produce masterpieces from what they have been taught. Gift Wrapping has no limits and that’s what I intend to teach all of our creative members including easy gift-wrapping solutions in time for Christmas. I can teach you to gift wrap a bottle, present a ball, or even wrap a teddy bear. Like I said, there are no limits to gift wrapping and I can’t wait to teach you.

In the 3rd week of the month, the members receive a tutorial based on what they would like to learn. So far, I have taught them to make Gift Hampers, build the base, place the products, and perform the shake test to ensure their contents stay in place when they are being transported. We have part two of that tutorial this month. I will demonstrate how to wrap various shaped baskets in cellophane and create a beautiful bow with a very easy technique. We have lots planned, including how to make a fruit basket, beautiful bows, how to package gifts for courier delivery and so much more. Again, this is done over a 20 to 25 minute live demonstration which is then saved onto the Teachable platform for playback.

The 4th week of the month sees a tutorial from a Creative Guest which is so exciting as it allows members to see and learn from another creative artist with a different skill set. We have had the pleasure of inviting Alpa Smith from Occasions By VishwArt to demonstrate techniques to arrange an Asian Wedding Tray also known as Chaab arrangements or Trousseau Packing. Our Creative Guest Alpa talked about everything from tray types, how to fold and hide excess material, how to secure the clothing item and how and where to place the jewellery. Again, this tutorial was about 30 minutes long leaving time at the end for questions and answers.

How would this benefit you? 

In many ways! For example, Trousseau Packing is a very sought-after skill, and with weddings restarting again after the pandemic, more and more couples require this service whether it’s from a professional or the dedicated family creative! I’ll talk more about the ‘family creative’ a little later but if you know, you know! The courses that are planned will also help you gain a new range of skills. Could this person be you? Whether it is something you charge for or just a skill to possess for personal use, it is definitely one that will be valuable for life and one that Alpa taught the members in The Wrap it Studio.

That is what The Wrap it Studio is about. The amount you learn means you have enough knowledge to start your own creative business or have the know-how to personally prepare, and beautifully present gifts for the rest of your life. Gift Hampers are so versatile, from baby shower gifts to teacher’s gifts or small gift hampers for hot chocolate lovers or mini pamper kits; the list is endless!

The techniques I taught in our last session will ensure that no matter what type of Gift Hamper is prepared by our creators, the items will be placed strategically to ensure they fit, can been seen and don’t damage other items during transportation. I also taught them how to perform a shake test so the contents stay in place during transit, be it surviving roundabouts in the passenger seat of a car or the back of a courier’s van (subject to external packaging being secured correctly too). The tutorial in The Wrap it Studio also prompted me to launch a Gift Hamper tutorial for the rest of the world too, so no one has to miss out. The FOMO can be real at times! It’s on offer on my website; more details can be found here.

What’s the plan for the rest of this year in The Wrap it Studio?

So what does the future of The Wrap it Studio look like? Well fun and imaginative, as the rest of this year will see Creative Guests showing the members how to Quill, and from October, how to paint tea light candles, how to decorate a Christmas Tree and how to dress your Christmas Dinner Table; all from experts in the field. This month will see me teach part 2 of the gift hamper tutorial in which I will show how to wrap different baskets with cellophane and different styles of covering with cellophane too. This includes a tutorial on making a beautiful bow to finish off with.

In a recent video I posted on my Instagram IGTV, you will have seen Daniel Louisy from Ashville Aggregates unboxing a gift hamper he received from Platinum Commercial Management. Of course, I made the hamper which is why I featured it on my page. If you saw the video, you will have seen Daniel took off the bow and say ‘badman don’t have bow’! It made me chuckle but even if ‘badman don’t have bow’, the bow still added to the finishing touches and changed the presentation from substandard to wow. I digress! The bow technique for hampers will be taught too for this month.

Starting in October, I will also be teaching members how to polish fruit and prepare a Fresh Fruit Basket and some of the skills the existing members have gained during the Gift Hamper tutorial will now be transferrable making it an easier creation. Not only that, I will also be teaching how to prepare gifts secured in postal boxes/magnetic boxes just in time for Christmas and the last tutorial will be decided by the members based on what they want to learn. Excited already? You can join us through the membership sign up page.

How are the tutorials delivered?

All the tutorials take place on a Wednesday evening at 8pm via a live Zoom session and they are all recorded available to playback at your own convenience. The videos are edited to take out irrelevant conversations and the tutorials are uploaded on to Teachable where all our other online courses are housed. Teachable allows you to create a profile and watch all the tutorials at your own pace and in your own time. You will automatically be enrolled onto the course, so you won’t need to do anything else to access it.

The best benefit of this is you can watch these back whenever you want to. By that I mean they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can start and stop a course whenever you like. You will also have access to all the months you have paid for so if you leave the membership, you won’t lose out. I’ll explain the payment options towards the end.

What is a ‘Family Creative’?

A little earlier I mentioned the words ‘Family Creative’. The definition of a Family Creative is a designated person who has creative flair and talent within a family, or sometimes even an extended family. They will be the person to suggest decorative ideas or be called upon when a family member needs help with a creation. Family Creatives are great because they become a valuable asset who has the skills that are needed through nearly every season. You might even be the creative asset in a small family, it doesn’t always have to be extended. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

I guess I am the Family Creative in my family, I will wrap gifts with joy, decorate Christmas trees beautifully and I even enjoy general arts and crafts. However, my mum is a seamstress and makes beautiful outfits from scratch, whereby I butcher the labels on the kid’s school uniform when I sew their names on! We don’t have to be creative experts in all the fields, just the ones that we have a passion for and enjoy.

Why should I be your creative mentor?

I have spent 5 years in this industry, and I have made a lot of mistakes that I’ve learnt from. I have learnt a lot about branding and marketing & running a business. I have learnt how to be tenacious when the walls are closing in and best of all, I have learnt so many creative techniques specialising in Gift Wrapping, Chocolate Flower Bouquets, Gift Hampers, Asian Wedding Trays and Fruit Baskets. They don’t need to be kept a secret, and between the live tutorials, the weekly tips, and the extensive guides showing everything from suppliers to material needed, a lot of information is taught in this membership.

The Wrap it Studio and Wrap it By Tina both have big plans for the future and I would love to invite you to join me in The Wrap it Studio to unleash your creativity in a safe and supportive network. You get to meet other likeminded people and share your creative ideas to get feedback from myself and some of the other members.

How does the membership payment work?

There are four payment options for the membership, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. No matter which option you choose, you can renew your plan when it’s due and you can cancel it at any time too. Monthly has the highest fee, quarterly is slightly cheaper, and half yearly even less, however, yearly will give you the biggest saving with 12 months for the price of 10. If The Wrap it Studio is no longer for you, simply let us know by email at least 7 working days before your membership is due to renew. You will continue to be a member for the period you have paid for and have lifetime access to the courses on Teachable.

There is only so much I can write about it so if you are curious to see what really goes on behind closed doors, the only thing left to do is come through them. I am looking forward to seeing you in The Wrap it Studio and if you’d like more information, you can email me on info@wrapitbytina.co.uk or join through the membership page.

Happy Wrapping!



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