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My journey to Gift Wrapping professionally

It started when I was about 8 or 9. Who remembers sugar paper? I do, we used it mainly in primary school to draw & write on. I remember picking the pink and orange sheets and using them to wrap up any items I could find to then give the gift to my teacher. I used to put so much Sellotape on it making sure it was sealed tight! I am giggling now, but I was super serious back then. I have loved gift wrapping for as long as I can remember and being crafty with whatever material came my way. I have no idea where the passion developed from, but it was there.

Fast forward to my teens when I actually could afford to gift, and the passion had continued to grow. I’d put so much thought into the gifts I’d give and how they’d be presented. For my sisters 18th birthday, I brought her 18 gifts and individually wrapped each one to what I felt was perfect. My husband thought I was mad making wrapping paper bags for the clothing items but I didn’t want a crumpled look, so this was my preferred style of wrapping clothing items. It took hours, but I had so much fun wrapping them that time just flew by. My sister enjoyed opening them when she found an opening, but the amount of Sellotape I had used made it difficult for her.

Years went by and wrapping gifts was something I did for fun when it was time to gift. Fast forward to October 2015; I decided that I’d turn my passion and dreams into a reality and Wrap it by Tina eventually started. Don’t worry; the Sellotape was long gone and replaced with what the professionals use instead – double-sided tape. The first two years of the business was a rocky journey which you’ll come to learn of in future blogs.

In Nov 2017, I discovered Jane Means, a leading gift wrapping stylist and I was immediately drawn to her style and method of wrapping gifts. She displayed a neat finish and paid much attention to detail and naturally, I ended up on one of her courses earlier this year. I was so proud to know that my wrapping styles presented beautiful outcomes and with a few new techniques that I picked up on the course, I am even more pleased to say I wrap as a professional gift wrapping stylist would.

Jane Means continues to be one of my inspirations in my field of work, and I am so proud to be a stockist of her beautiful, high-quality wrapping paper. Using techniques from leading industry creatives and improvising on my ideas with a twist of the Japanese pleats that I love doing, there is no doubt that with hard work and determination, Wrap it by Tina will too become a well-known gifting brand in the near future.  To see how Wrap it by Tina can present your gifts beautifully, please click here to enter our gallery.

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