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Here’s why you should join The Wrap it Studio

7 months on from launching, and 22 courses later, here’s why you should join The Wrap it Studio. Whenever we go to buy something, we always ask “what’s in it for me?” If there isn’t a need or want, you may not buy it, be it food, clothes, or memberships. You might also ask yourself this question if you’ve considered joining The Wrap it Studio, or you’re curious. Perhaps you may have even received a message from me about it.

I believe in transparency, and I would like you to see exactly what’s in The Wrap it Studio already. Below is an overview of the 22 tutorials you would have access to, in The Wrap it Studio. With 3 creative tutorials taking place each month, don’t forget it grows by 3 more every month!

We have 4 categories: A Gift-Wrapping Tutorial, A Creative Gift Tutorial, A tutorial from an Expert Creative Guest, and the basics of running a creative business. Short descriptions of the tutorials are listed below. To make it easier, I have categorised it accordingly.

Gift-Wrapping Tutorials

We started The Wrap it Studio with our very first tutorial, the Kimono Wrap. I showed an eco-friendly option using newspaper, fresh foliage and plant based tape. 

Moving on to the Movable Bow Wrap. It brings a beautiful finish to any boxed gift, and an opportunity to use up small bits of wrapping paper to enhance a gift wrap.

Just in time for Christmas, I showed the members how to make a gift bag, and gift sleeve like a pro. Perfect for all the odd shaped items that need gift wrapping.

Them pesky round tins and cylinders no longer need to frazzle you. These techniques are very useful to achieve a stunning finish to a gift wrap.

What happens if you don't have enough wrapping paper? This tutorial shows you how most times, to overcome that situation.

How would you wrap nail varnish? Or lipsticks? Or miniatures? Like this! This gift pouch works wonders for small odd shaped items, and it looks quirky!

One of my favourites, the Pleated Bottle Wrap finished with a glitter pom pom bow. I love this style a lot and teaching it was an absolute pleasure.

Dressing up Easter Eggs is lots of fun and both of these techniques are transferable with many other gifts too.

Creative Gift Tutorials

How do I assemble gift hampers is a question I am often asked. This tutorial shows you how, with all my secret tips too!

Gotta love some cellophane and I teach how to get a nice fan shape at the top and a neat flat wrap finish too.

Fruit Baskets are another favourite. Here I show how to polish your fruit, and position it for beautiful presentation.

Post box gifts are becoming very popular and here I show how you can take the unboxing experience to a new level.

Two statement bows were on show here. A multi-loop bow using a Bowmaker and a big pom pom bow, perfect for Christmas.

Personalised gifts are growing by the day. Here I teach how to decoupage some letters and turn it into a special gift.

Looking for Easy Chocolate Bouquets? This tutorial shows you how to make an easy and beautiful chocolate bouquet.

Tutorials from Expert Creative Guests

Alpa Smith of Occassions By VishwArt taught us how to prepare Asian Wedding Trays.  

Tina Gajjar of VishwArt taught us the basics of Quilling Art and how to make a quilled card.

Chandni Koria of Chandni Creates taught us how to paint candles for Diwali and Christmas.

Khilna Shah of Art by Khilna Shah taught us how to make resin Christmas decorations.

Nisha Mistry of Niche Flowers showed us how to arrange flower bouquets and care for them.

Tina Gajjar of VishwArt taught us the art of Zentagle. It has many theraputic benefits too.

The basics of running a creative business

If you don’t show the world what you are doing, how does the world see you? This tutorial teaches you how to edit and use videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok & YouTube Shorts.

In a nutshell, it’s an online creative membership for people who enjoy crafting. You can use the membership to give nicer gifts to the people in your life. You can use various elements to enhance your product based business. Perhaps you find crafting therapeutic, you could use it for that too. No matter what the reason, The Wrap it Studio is full of Creative learning and fun.

I look forward to seeing you in The Wrap it Studio. If you’d like to feature as a Creative Guest Expert and have the skills to teach a creative art, please do email me, so we can showcase your talent to the world.

See you in The Wrap it Studio!

Tina 🙂

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