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Tools and material for wrapping Christmas gifts

6 easy ways to wrap gifts

6 easy ways to wrap gifts this Christmas

There are many easy ways to wrap gifts and I want to show you how! How do you wrap a teddy bear? What’s the easiest way to gift wrap a round item? How can I wrap a hoodie? These are just three of hundreds of questions that ask for simple solutions on how to wrap a gift. And here are some answers to help make wrapping presents much easier for you this Christmas.

First you need the gift-wrapping essentials; 2 pairs of scissors, double-sided sticky tape, normal sticky tape, wrapping paper and ribbon. Ruler and craft knife are both optional. You may even want to use tissue paper and cellophane for the tricky gifts. I’ll explain how, further down.

1) Gift wrapping a box

So many gifts come in a box, and sometimes they are the easiest and simplest items to gift wrap. But what happens if you run out of gift-wrapping paper? Or you want to wrap gifts using the least amount of paper? In some cases, the ‘not enough paper’ wrapping technique works wonders.

Place the gift diagonally on a sheet of paper. Bring all the corners of the paper over, making sure all 4 corners of the gift are covered. Stick it into place and tie a ribbon around it. Gift wrapping without tape works with this style too if you use slightly more paper. You can bring the final corner over and tuck it inwards, into the two overlaps from either side.

This wrapping style is great for fragrance box sets, books, trainers etc. It’ll also work for gifts that have bulging bits like a binder or lid lip and so many more boxed items.

2) Gift wrapping a round item

There are 2 ways to gift wrap round items. One style uses cellophane and tissue paper and the other uses wrapping paper. Let’s start with the

easiest which gift wrapping with cellophane and gift wrapping with tissue paper. Place the tissue paper onto a larger sheet of cellophane and your round gift in the middle. Bring the top and bottom to a close and scrunch up both sides. Tie the ends with a ribbon, and it’ll look like a big candy.

This gift-wrapping technique can be used for round chocolate and biscuit tins, bulky clothes like coats, teddy bears, gift wrapping footballs and lots of other odd shaped items. Technically you can even use this style for boxed gifts too.

The second style is to wrap the paper around the gift. Then pleat the top and bottom to finish with a beautiful fan style design. It’s easier than it looks, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. The centre can also be covered with a round sticker or the gift bow.This way of wrapping gifts works well with most round items especially those like perfume bottle, gifts in tube etc.

3) Gift wrapping odd shaped items

Most times, odd shaped gifts like teddies, balls, and clothing items will end up in a gift bag. But what if you couldn’t get out to buy a gift bag, or you didn’t want to spend more on them? The Gift Bag Wrap is the universal solution to gift wrapping toys, wrapping clothes, and wrapping sports balls to name a few.

This style of wrapping presents gives a lot of flexibility to wrap so many gifts in one simple way. Folding wrapping paper in a set way allows you to create a base for the bottom and a neat close at the top. Now there are super quick ways of doing this, but I prefer neat to be a factor too. My 6 easy ways to gift wrap like a pro this Christmas online course will show you exactly how I make these gift wrap bags.

4) Gift wrapping bottles

Here’s another one that ends up in a gift bag. Gift wrapping a bottle is not as hard as you may think and here are two ways on how to gift wrap a bottle. Using a part of the technique from gift wrapping a round item and the top part of closing a gift bag wrap, you can find a simple solution with wrapping paper. Simply, wrap the paper around the bottle, pleat the bottom and create a fold at the top.

Alternatively, use tissue paper on top of cellophane and bring it all upwards tying a ribbon around the neck. Use tissue paper to fill the top and that’s a job done well. This is also an idea for eco-friendly gift-wrapping using cellophane, tissue paper, twine and cinnamon sticks as embellishments.

5) Gift wrapping clothes

The number of times I have seen people struggle with gift wrapping clothes is unreal. Making a Gift Wrap Sleeve is another universal solution to wrapping odd shaped, flattish items. I also use it to gift wrap jumpers, wrap t-shirts and even mini gifts that aren’t boxed. The beauty of this is that no matter the shape of the present, it can be slid in and sealed shut.

Try gift wrapping with brown paper when making a sleeve and finish is off with twine and stick down dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. It looks and smells beautiful. This also means the gift-wrapping paper can be recycled.

6) Hire someone

So this may not be a style on how to gift wrap, but it may make it a lot easier for you. Goggle ‘gift wrapping service near me’ and I am sure you will find somebody who can assist you. I am based in Borehamwood, and I have many customers come in from the surrounding areas. Barnet, Brent, Harrow, Watford, St Albans are not too far from my studio. If you’d like me to take the stress of gift wrapping from you, send me an email and we can book the gift-wrapping service in. Hiring someone saves you buying the tools and material and allows a professional to work their magic on wrapping your gifts.

If, however you would like to learn how to create these styles, my 6 easy ways to gift wrap like a pro this Christmas online course will show you exactly how I gift wrap many different presents. I am so confident with these wrapping styles, that I’ll be demonstrating these at The Ideal Home Show Christmas in a few weeks too.

Don’t forget to download your FREE online gift-wrapping tutorial beforehand. It shows you how to gift wrap a box and how to tie a gift bow in 4 different ways. It is very detailed so suitable for all ages and levels. I’ve even been told it’s a great tutorial for gift wrapping for dummies!

If you use any of these techniques on easy ways to wrap gifts, don’t forget to tag @wrapitbytina on your socials. I can’t wait to see all the remakes.

Happy Wrapping!

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