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5 ideas on how to present your gifts this Valentine’s Day

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Stuck on how to give your Valentine’s gifts? Here are 5 ideas on how to present your gifts this Valentine’s Day. But before you buy a service or a solution, lay all of your gifts out. Think about how many you have, are any heavy? Are any big? Are any super special or sentimental? The reason I ask these questions is that these are all factors that will impact the way you present these gifts.

Gift Bags photography

1 – Gift bag(s)

Having laid everything out, if you have heavy or big gifts, give them their own bag. Firstly, you don’t want the bag to break if it’s got lots of gifts in it & it’s heavy, and secondly, big gifts can be tricky to slide in and out at times so the less in the way, the better.
Couple gifts together where possible and perhaps buy multiple gift bags in different sizes to create an effect of ‘many gifts’. If you have a super special one, this could be the gift bag that is saved until the end, or a different style or size etc. Don’t forget to line the bag with tissue paper and add the ‘fluffed tissue paper’ on either side at the top to give it a fully closed effect. Use shredded tissue to fill in any gaps you have in the bags and if you can pierce the handle strings through the opposite holes to close, that’s a good idea too.

Hamper Basket photography

2 – Hamper Basket

You’ve got lots of small/medium bits and want to gift them all together. A hamper basket works brilliantly for this. Now before you start arranging it, do a rough layout first. Big and tall at the back, small and short at the front. Do any of the gifts need jazzing up by adding some ribbon bows to them? Once you are happy with the layout, systematically remove everything and lay it near you. Line the basket with tissue paper and shredded tissue and fill your basket back up. You can get lots of patterned and plain cellophane from high street/online stores to wrap up your hamper and give it a big beautiful bow to finish it off.

Gift Box photography

3 – Gift Box

Similar to the hamper basket, first figure out if you would like the gifts layered in the box or stacked from front to back. Whichever option you decide, place all the gifts inside your box and make sure the lid closes. If not, you may need a bigger box or take something out and present it separately. Once you’ve finalised this, lay tissue paper at the bottom of the gift box and try and keep the long edge to one side so you can bring it over the top after the last gift has gone in. If you are layering your gifts, again, use tissue paper to separate the gifts. With each layer, add shredded tissue to stop the gifts from sliding around. The bigger the box, the wider the ribbon is my general rule, or if you don’t have a wide ribbon, a double loop big bow looks stunning too.

Wrapped and Stacked photography

4 – Wrapped and stacked

This could work if all of your gifts are in boxes and vary in size. Wrapping them up and stacking them upon each other to make a tower of gifts always looks extravagant. Make sure you use glue dots to stick the gifts to each other and always remember to put the good side of the wrap at the front. You can then finish it off with a nice wide ribbon and if you want to take it up one more level, you can wrap the stack in cellophane and then add a statement bow on top to finish.

Gift Wrapped photography

5 – Gift Wrapped

Gift wrapping will never go out of fashion, and you have so many options to wrap presents with. Homemade sentimental wrapping paper is cute. Eco-friendly ideas like fabric wraps and kraft paper wraps finished with real flowers are an option. Standard wrapping paper from the high street coupled with bows and ribbons are the most common options. Perhaps personalised wrapping paper for your loved one is on the cards this year. From humour to cute to ones with names, you won’t be short on options. Thick and soft luxurious wrapping paper finished with fabric ribbons can give them a rich finish and that wow factor.

No matter which option you choose, I always say giving a gift with love is the most important factor. It just passes on a positive energy and makes that experience of gift-giving, a really happy one. If you try any of these, be sure to take a picture and tag Wrap it By Tina on your socials, I’ll be sure to repost them. If you would like to learn how to complete some of these styles, I have online tutorials for them and also show new styles each month in my online membership, The Wrap it Studio. The cut off time for posting out our wrapping papers for Valentine’s day is Midday Friday 10th February.

Sending you lots of love this Valentine’s Day.

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