Our Brand & Tina’s Story - Wrap it By Tina

Our Brand & Tina’s Story

Our Brand

Wrap it By Tina was founded by myself, Tina Nandha and I can either wrap your gifts or teach you how to gift wrap like me. Our brand has evolved a lot over the years, but one thing remains the same. Our ethos is to spread smiles and make the gift-giving experience a memorable one.

For us, gift wrapping is about the adding personal touches. We create unique and beautifully wrapped gifts with meticulous detail throughout. Every gift that leaves our studio is sumptuously packaged and is fit for royalty. Our overall goal is to provide high-end gift wrapping services and gift wrapping trainings for clients all around the world. From seeing us demonstrate on the stage at the Ideal Home Show Christmas, to professionally training the gift wrapping team at Adidas in Oxford Street, London – our services have no limits.

We have acquired many skills throughout this entrepreneurial journey including a few bumps in the road. Following that, we recently set up The Wrap it Studio which is an online community of like-minded creative crafters. We bring together the creators of this world so that they can learn from and support each other. It also allows us to share the knowledge we have gained throughout our years in the gifting industry.

Over the recent years, we have tried and tested many products & services and adapted as we see fit. Change is always welcome, and we thrive to keep in line with recent trends and demands. With more training courses and demonstrations lined up, we are excited to see where this journey takes us. Our brand covers everything from gift wrapping services to being a creative mentor and we can’t wait to bring you more from Wrap it By Tina.

So whether you’re a personal, SME or corporate client, no gift is too big or too small to be given the Wrap it by Tina touch for all your premium gifting needs. I will be going on a UK Tour for 2023 delivering Gift Workshops in London, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester. If you’d like to attend one of my hands on workshops, you can see more information here.

Tina’s Story

Hey there! My name is Tina Nandha, and I’m a professional gift wrapper and trainer. I’m married to Mr Wrap it as commonly known, and I’m a mum to 2 beautiful daughters & an angel baby.

You will hear a fair bit about baby loss on my platform. It was after my own experience of baby loss, that I’d vowed to break the silence surrounding it. I relaunched this business in 2018 in honour of our angel, so you will see that rainbows are a prominent theme throughout Wrap it By Tina as a sign of hope after a storm.

My creative mind is like a galaxy, never ending! I love learning new ways to craft, but I also put work into mastering the techniques of the ones I already know and enjoy. Having a studio with an array of luxurious ribbons, wrapping papers, and embellishments allows me to get very creative with beautiful gifts and wraps. You may also have seen me floating about on a few Social Media platforms. I love having fun and creating content so all my Instagram Reel and TikTok Videos will show you my true humorous and bubbly personality.

I enjoy testing my own limits especially when Tina’s Wrap Challenge had me gift wrap a BMW, gift wrap blindfolded, and gift wrap in many other quirky ways. Seeing my small business grow and taking it to the stages of The Ideal Home Show Christmas twice is a milestone moment. Passion and persistence pays off.

Lastly, you may see me refer to the business as ‘us’ even though I am the only one in it. I say us, because behind the scenes are some incredible family and friends who help me out so much. Without their help, I couldn’t do what I do, so Wrap it By Tina will always be about us.

Happy Wrapping & Much Love

Tina x




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