Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020 - Wrap it By Tina

Baby Loss Awareness

This year we are highlighting the isolation many people experience after pregnancy and baby loss – women, partners, other family members and friends. The effect of social distancing from Covid-19 has had a major impact on access to care and support and has complicated grief and responses to pregnancy and baby loss. Since the start of the corona virus pandemic, feelings of isolation have become more widespread around the world and many people have begun to talk more openly about loneliness. Now more than ever, we can all come together to let those affected by pregnancy and baby loss know they are not alone and that we are all here to support them.

Baby Loss Awareness Week is an opportunity:

  • For bereaved parents, and their families and friends, to unite with others across the world to commemorate their babies’ lives.
  • To raise awareness about pregnancy and baby loss in the UK.
  • To drive for improvements in both care and support for those affected and in the prevention of pregnancy and baby loss.

Alongside our Rainbow Baby campaign which continues all year round; Baby Loss Awareness week is also something we take part in to raise even more awareness on this taboo subject. This year, we are holding a controlled virtual public event to raise awareness in our local area of Borehamwood.

We’re supporting Baby Loss Awareness 2020 so together we can break the silence. Why? No one deserves to suffer in silence, and everyone has a right to grieve. We have arranged this to commemorate the week and bring a community together as well as raise awareness. The details for the event are follows:

Ribbon Card

What is it? A ribbon card is for anyone who wishes to write a message to a baby they have lost, be it through miscarriage, still birth, premature birth, or infant loss. It is not only for the parents or siblings; anyone can leave a message for an angel.

Due to Covid-19, we recommend you email us your message for us to write and hang on your behalf. You can email it to

If this is not possible, you can meet* us at The Tree area to collect a message card at the times listed below:
Friday 9th at 1pm to 1:30pm – NOW 5pm to 5:30 due to poor weather
Saturday 10th at 9:45am to 10am
Sunday 11th at 11am to 11:30am
Monday 12th at 12pm to 12:30pm
Tuesday 13th at 12:30pm to 1pm
Wednesday 14th please contact us on 07504 931 758 to arrange a meet up
Thursday 15th at please contact us on 07504 931 758 to arrange a meet up

*Due to Covid-19, this year’s event will have strict guidelines. If you attend The Tree Area, you will be required to:

– Provide your contact details.
– Maintain a social distance of 2 meters.
– Wear a face covering.
– Use sanitiser before writing cards.

Please note

– Groups of more than six must not attend.
– Anyone displaying symptoms, who has returned from a restricted area, or who is required to self-isolate or quarantine, must not attend.
– Anyone not observing the requirements, will be asked to leave.

Date: The event will take place from the 9th to the 15th of October 2020.

Location: It will take place at ‘The Tree’ area outdoor next to the Co-op Funeralcare, on the corner of Shenley Road & Furzehill Road, Borehamwood. The nearest postcode is WD6 1DS

Wave of Light

What is it? Families across the world will be lighting a candle at 7pm local time and leaving it burning for at least one hour to remember all babies that have died too soon.
To join the virtual Wave of Light, take a photo of your candle and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WaveOfLight at 7pm local time. Wherever you do this, you will be joining a global ‘Wave of Light’ in memory of all the babies who lit up our lives for such a short time.

Date: The virtual Wave of Light will take place on 15th of October 2020

Location: Due to Covid-19, we are unable to accommodate a public Wave of Light, instead it will be streamed LIVE from our Facebook page Wrap it By Tina.

Time: From 7pm to 8pm

What will happen during that hour? We will safely light one main candle at 7pm alongside 11 candles for each type of baby loss. It is a chance for you to have a few minutes to remember your angel, or just have a moment of silence for yourself. We will be thinking of all the angels taken too soon whilst we light the candles.

Awareness Bows

The Tree is going to have large pink, blue and cream coloured bows hanging off it to get attention and raise awareness. We will be making all of these bows and hanging them off the tree on the 9th of October. We won’t be taking bow donations this year, however if you wish to donate towards our fundraiser for Tommy’s the Baby Charity, you can do so via our Just Giving page.

Baby loss is a subject close to our hearts and we hope this year sees the local communities virtually come together, and fight the silence and taboos surrounding this very painful subject. The awareness has increased hugely over the years which is amazing. More details and statistics can be found on the Baby Loss Awareness website

We hope you can virtually join us at this free public event and help raise awareness. If you require professional support, please feel free to contact Tommy’s the Baby Charity or a more suitable charity that is listed on the Baby Loss Awareness website.

Tina x


Everyone taking part in the outdoor event does so at their own risk. You will be required to follow all Covid-19 safety measures put in place.
We do not employ qualified guides or first aiders during the event. Event organisers and event hosts assume no responsibility for anyone attending the event. The event organisers and event hosts will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss occurring as a result of the event or in connection with travel to such event, however caused.
When you participate in the event, whether or not you have signed up for it, you indicate that you accept these conditions and accept that no legal liability is accepted by the event organisers or event hosts in the event of accident or injury, however caused.
Participants in the event are reminded that memory ribbons are hung up safely and the event does not provide assistance. Participants are responsible for assessing their own risk, the safety of themselves and the suitability of any equipment used.
Wrap it By Tina will be taking photos during Baby Loss Awareness week 2020 and at the Wave of Light 2020. By attending the event, you consent to being filmed, recorded and photographed at the event as a member of the audience and to the footage and photographs of you being used by Wrap it By Tina to share news about the event, and to publicise our awareness work.
Images may be used in press releases, printed publicity and published on Wrap it By Tina’s social media platforms and website. They will be stored securely until the next event, after which the photos will be deleted. If you would prefer for you or your child not to be photographed, please speak to Tina (07504 931 758). If you would like to see your images, or would like us to delete them, please email us on at any time


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